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In June , for example, security researcher Stefan Esser discovered that just a few shell commands are sufficient to gain access to root-level privileges under OS X In September , it became known that an infected version of the development environment, Xcode, had been pawned off on app developers. This version, or the malware resulting from it, was then named XcodeGhost.

80-100 % CPU Auslastung durch avira.oe.hostservice.exe nach gestriger Entfernung BKA-Trojaner

The produced apps, including XcodeGhost malware, subsequently ended up in the App Store. Apple didn't realize they were infected, however. Furthermore, at the beginning of October , an expert discovered how to defeat the security tool Gatekeeper embedded in OS X, thus installing an app that subsequently unloads malware into the system.

This very compact solution detected all the threats, works quickly, but only offers surfing protection as an extra feature. The freeware security package for Mac OS X systems does indicate the highest security in the test, yet it slows down the system somewhat.

While the number of known malware threats for Windows has already surpassed the million mark, the number for Mac OS X malware is only around a few thousand. But afflicted users know that even one malware specimen is enough to ruin your whole day. Attackers are currently focusing on infiltrating systems with infected apps. Naturally, they are aware of the general security barriers of Mac OS X. That's why the above-mentioned attacks are successful. With a good security suite, Mac OS X users can raise their system to the greatest possible level of security.

In their protection function, the applications were required to identify and liquidate new, still unknown malware threats.

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Compared to the last tests, such as in April , more products have now achieved an excellent detection rate. Of particular interest is the result from SentinelOne. As a product of the latest generation, it works without a signature database to identify malware. For analysis, it only uses the technology of behavior-based detection. The additional security suites delivered lower results. Coming in last were the solutions from ClamXav, Webroot and F-Secure with detection rates of only All the others did.

It's always annoying for the user when security products falsely detect benign files or block the launch of apps. But in this test segment, the lab has nothing but praise. Only ClamXav falsely flagged a clean file. All other system watchdogs exhibited error-free friend-or-foe detection. In the subsequent test, apps were also installed and launched.

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In this case, the suites did not sound a single false alarm. Although the test for potentially unwanted applications "PUA" for short does not yet play any role in this certification, the laboratory still performed it behind the scenes. All the other products could still use some improvement in this area. Some manufacturers have a very differentiated view of what is a PUA and what is not, and offer a wide latitude in their approach.


They allow some disputable applications to continue to run undisturbed, whereas other manufacturers block these programs. Users repeatedly complain that an installed suite slows down their system. The laboratory found out in its speed test whether this is really true or only imagined. To do so, In total, these tests took seconds on the reference system. Afterwards, the tests were repeated; naturally with each of the installed security suites. The best performers in this category were the products from ClamXav, Panda, Bitdefender and Symantec.

They slow down the system by about 10 percent. A value that is not really noticeable in daily use. For Sophos, this value increases to 20 percent, Avira already jumps to 40 percent, SentinelOne to 80 percent, and for F-Secure, it is already over percent.

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The application finishing last in this case is Avast, as it works differently for downloads: it already scans the downloaded file during the download. This may be secure, but it also takes a lot of time.

Suche nach:. In addition to this, the EU Cleaner reactivates AV programs that have been switched off by the cyber criminals. Try it for 30 days free here!

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Further measures: Change, as a matter of urgency, your password collection. As the majority of malware uses vulnerabilities in widespread programs such as Java, Flash and Acrobat PDF, regular updates are essential. As the last line of defence, the vaccination hits the alarm bell when all other defences have been breached and a trojan is active on a computer.

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