How to connect gopro 3 to mac

You may encounter this problems.

How to Connect GoPro to Your Mac

It will appear as an external hard drive on your Mac desktop, letting you transfer footage from the GoPro SD card to Mac more conveniently. The videos and photos are in the DCIM folder. You must know that Image Capture is a default application on a Mac. It is used to import pictures and videos from devices to Mac. It works the same for GoPro as well.

connect gopro to mac via usb

Here are the steps to connect GoPro to Mac and import gopro files to Mac:. Step 2.

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From the top left, you can see the camera icon. Step 3.

How to Transfer Videos and Pictures from GoPro Camera to Mac

There are so many options, including the mentioned 3 ways above available to connect GoPro to Mac. However, when you connecting them, you should also watch out during the transferring process.

#2. Connect GoPro to Mac via Image Capture

Many people have complained that it seems it worked so well in importing files from GoPro to Mac, but the result is an empty folder with no file can be opened. If you lost the GoPro videos or photos due to the above-mentioned process, it will be a great pity.

You might ask how could it be to recover files from GoPro. Smaller files can still be transferred using the iOS application thankfully. Typically I try to stop and start the video recording every few minutes because I know I can only transfer smaller files to my phone. But I just let it run for a while. Today I cannot transfer that file to my phone using the app or computer using USB. So what other option do I have? I had no idea this was an option.


Just to be sure, I checked the manual again while writing this post. I do not see it mentioned. But it gets the job done. It halts at around 1.

‎Wifi Browser for GoPro on the Mac App Store

I think my GoPro is telling me it is time to be retired. Sad GoPro. However, I tried transferring a few other smaller files and it worked very smoothly.