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No adapter necessary. You can get a dock, like the before-mentioned Satechi.

Why are the USB ports not working on my Mac?

This connector is often used with external storage devices. The name of the cable is confusing, because it could be mistaken for micro USB.

Traditional Displays (HDMI, DisplayPort, DVI, VGA)

This adapter has a female Lightning connector on one end, so you can plug in your Lightning earphones. That was easy. Now, say you need a second headphone jack. You can use a splitter, like the Belkin Speaker and Headphone 3.

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Older versions of Thunderbolt have a different connector than Thunderbolt 3. This one can eat up a chunk of your budget, because there are so many different types of display connectors. Be prepared to buy several adapters.

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  • Pair your Macbook or Windows laptop with a USB-C monitor.!
  • If you shop in person, you can check the box for the model number, and at an Apple store, you very likely will get the new model. But if you shop elsewhere, you could end up with the old model. Apple has a support document that details the differences between the two adapters.

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    • When shopping for such adapters, look out for p support. The Nonda adapter has 4K video support. On the more affordable side but without the USB ports is the Simple. If you use a DLSR or other type of stand-alone camera, it might have a way to transfer your files wirelessly. Ugh, this one could be a problem. But maybe you have an older printer, or you find wireless printing unreliable.

      Most consumer printers have a USB-B port.

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      Thunderbolt (interface)

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