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Camtasia Studio DVDFab Leawo Blu-ray Player 2. Recent DVD Hacks. Pioneer BDP Philips BDP LG BP I would also like free software as well. I hope that's not a big ask. A google search didn't turn up much at all - mainly showed the ones that are too simplistic which won't allow you to make many adjustments. I did come across an online converter that looked promising but their terms and conditions implied that they had rights to use the files you upload without any limitations of time or space.

I didn't like the sound of that. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account. Paste as plain text instead. Only 75 emoji are allowed. Display as a link instead. Clear editor. Upload or insert images from URL. Editing Search In. Reply to this topic Start new topic. Recommended Posts. Posted January 9, I downloaded MS again but that makes no difference.

The problem with QT 7. I tried both the Software Update path and downloading the installer separately and installing QT that way -- no difference. However, due to Apple's bizarre requirement to re-download through the Apple Store instead of, hmmm say, Software Update? Does anyone know definitively what's going on here? Has Apple updated this component for Macs or not - and if so, why aren't they providing the update to FCP users if this fixes a security problem?

After the Quicktime 7. Thank you MacInTouch friends! You've saved me from tearing out what little hair I have left. Sims 2 crashes on startup. Seems to be associated with updating Quicktime to QuickTime Version 7. B08 SMC Version: 1.

How To Increase Playback Speed in Quicktime Player

You solved a major problem for me. I found that turning off Stuffit AVR in System Preferences also works to fix the identical problem caused by installing the most recent Apple Security Update, an issue I report to this site a few days ago. Apparently there is something installed by both updates that conflicts with Stuffit AVR. I saved the web page that contained the the download link for my copy of the mpeg-2 playback component as displayed in my web browser when I made the purchase on May 27, Although the listing for the purchase has since disappeared in my order history at the Apple online store, the link in the saved html document was still valid, and the version of the mpeg-2 playback component which requires QuickTime 7.

The last time I had downloaded was when the Intel version was released, so imagine my surprise when I discovered that the link still worked. Imagine my elation when I discovered that supported mpeg2 files are no longer subject to the 4G limit. Further imagine my disappointment to find that among the supported files, those with AC3 audio still play silently.

Does anyone know if this QT update is compatible with the Flip4Mac plug-in? I don't want to upgrade if there is a problem and no update available from Flip4Mac. I went looking for my downloadable copy of the MPEG-2 update and couldn't find it. Then I remembered that we had purchased it from the Apple govt store - and voila! So if you bought the QuickTime MPEG-2 plugin many years ago and can't find the download when you log in, try one of the specialized stores education, gov, state, etc that you may have used to purchase the software.

I thought they'd all be consolidated, but they're not. I'm not ready to update to QT 7. I'm also interested in compatibility of the QuickTime update with the free plug-in version of Flip4Mac. I have installed QT 7. I downloaded QT update and ever since, all my applications "quit unexpectedly". It is making it impossible to use my computer. A lot of my software and apps won't even open. The error message just come up. I cant even open Time Machine or System Preferences!

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Heeelllp pleeeeeaseee! Started after I installed the Quicktime 7. Labels X and QT 7. Way back a week ago, when the QT 7. I didn't have any Stuffit thingie installed so I couldn't turn it off, as others suggested. Feeling lucky today, I decided to try the QT 7. But this time, I prepared far more thoroughly. I'm happy to report that after installation as follows, Labels X and QT 7. Here's what I did to prepare for installing QT 7. I not only Repaired Permissions and cloned my drive, just like last time, but I also found the QT cache and emptied it.

This can be done from QT's System Preferences pane or manually. I also uninstalled Labels X and APE, as well as Perian and Flip4Mac my only "Other" system preferences -- control-click each one's icon in System Preferences for a fast way to uninstall and downloaded fresh copies of their latest installers so I could re-install them after doing the QT 7.

After all that, I updated to QT 7.

The Perian Project Team members

When I rebooted again, all was well -- Labels X was alive and well and colorizing my icons like a champ. So far so good! Then I re-installed the latest versions of Perian and Flip4Mac from their installers, and put back all of the remaining things I had removed omitting items that had been re-installed by the installers. Again, after rebooting, Labels X continued working just fine. Now, some of my preparations might have been overkill. Perhaps just emptying the QT cache would have been enough.

Whatever the case, Labels X and the QT 7. Labels X is working fine. We proud, few The display "blinks" for want of a better term and various applications like MS Office and Safari lose items that I have just typed into them. Also, files that I open suddenly close. I have just done a virus scan using Norton Antivirus. No viruses were detected, even after loading new virus definitions. I welcome any suggestion.

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See previous notes for details. A couple of days ago I posted a question concerning a problem I had with the Finder plist rebuilding every 90 seconds. This started after I had upgraded QuickTime to version 7. After some research I found that there were various problems associated with the latest QuickTime version.

However, the fix you sent did work immediately. That is, until I booted the Mac again the following morning and the problem reoccurred. At first I thought this was simply an anomaly, but again this morning I found the same thing had happened. And once more I turned AVR off.

Do you have any idea why this is happening? I have never noticed this situation with any other Pref Pane, but it would seem that Stuffit has complete control. Since I never use this feature I'm wondering if I could simply remove the Pref Pane from its folder and "store" it in the Stuffit folder. My thinking is that it wouldn't have any influence if it's not in the System Folder. Could you please let me know what I might be doing wrong and if my "fix" sounds reasonable. I don't think it would cause any harm at least, but I'm not sure about that.

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Thank you again. Check to see if there's a related background process listed as a Login Item for your account, or possibly an entry in the LaunchAgents, LaunchDaemons or StartupItems folders in any Library directory. Get rid of Norton antivirus.


It causes more problems than it will EVER solve. It was really annoying Aspyr tell me that there is a widespread problem and they are working with Apple on it. This is a game where one needs to have the CD inserted to play it: there is was an error message when the the CD was not inserted and one tried to launch from a saved game: now even that does not appear.

So my favourite game is. Thanks a million for this solution! It had to be the most irritating problem I've ever had on a Mac! Does anyone know how to regress from Quicktime 7. I installed the update and now I can't run Civilization IV. I just did this myself to fix a playback issue with the newest herky jerky QuickTime update. I used Pacifist to do the install of the older package. This is from an thread on Apple's own boards. Re: Quicktime 7. The following procedures are officially unsupported by Apple, Inc.

However, if you wish to backup from QT 7. You cannot simply downgrade with the QT 7.