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Various imaging and optical product manufacturing and software companies develop different RAW file formats. Here is a common list of them:. Preview is Apple's official tool to view photos and pdf files. From the file menu, click on "Export". If you have selected more than 1 photo, then you will have to click on "Export Selected Images". From the drop down menu, you can select any desired format, for this process you can select JPEG. Now type in any image name and assign which folder you want it to save the photo in and click on "Save".

It's a built in image editing tool available on Mac. Here is how to do it:. You can convert the photos in any other format also. All you have to do is change the "jpeg" part to any other image format of your choice.

If you have any other format, you just need to change the ". CR2" part into the format you have in your photo. Open Lightroom and Import the photos to Lightroom. First go to "File" option from top menu then click on "Import Photo and Video". Now double click the photo you want to convert and then go to the "Develop" module. You can make adjustments to your photo if necessary. Now from the top menu bar click on "File" and then choose "Export". You can change the saving preset or just choose the default JPG preset. Now choose any file name, file setting, image size and location.

If you want to just keep the image as original then you don't need to change anything and click on the "Export" button to complete the process. You'll need to insert the drive into your computer's USB port with the plastic segment side of the flash drive on the bottom. If your flash drive won't fit into your computer's USB port, turn it over.

Migrate your files from a Mac to a PC

Unfortunately, some Macs don't have USB ports. This app is a blue face icon in your Mac's dock, which is usually at the bottom of the screen. Your flash drive may actually open as soon as you plug it into your computer, in which case you won't have to open the Finder. Click the flash drive's name. It will be toward the bottom of the left-side panel of the Finder window, below the "Devices" heading. Doing so will open your flash drive's window, into which you may drag your pictures. If your flash drive opened when you plugged it into your Mac, skip this step.

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Open Photos. This app, which has a multicolored pinwheel on a white background as its icon, is also in your dock. Click and drag a photo into the flash drive window.

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Once you let go of the mouse, your photo will "drop" into the flash drive window, which means it will copy from your computer into the drive. Photos aren't moved from your computer to your flash drive by default; they're copied instead. If you want to move the photos off of your computer, you'll need to delete them from your computer after moving them to the flash drive window. Repeat this process for all applicable photos.

You can put as many photos on your flash drive as the flash drive will allow. For example, a flash drive with 64 gigabytes' worth of space can store roughly 64 gigabytes' worth of photos. Click the "Eject" button. It's the upward-facing arrow next to the flash drive's name in the Finder window.

Doing so will ensure that, when you remove your USB flash drive, your files will remain uncorrupted. Unplug your flash drive.

3 Easy Ways to Convert RAW Photos to JPEG on Mac

Your pictures are now on your flash drive. If you'd like to move the photos from your flash drive to another computer, you only need to plug your flash drive into a new computer and then drag the photos from your drive to the computer's Pictures folder. Method 2. Plug your flash drive into your Windows PC. Open My PC. This app's icon resembles a computer monitor. It should be on your desktop, though you can also open it from within the Start menu by clicking the Start icon in the bottom-left corner of the screen and then clicking My PC. Windows may ask if you want to determine what to do with your USB flash drive.

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  8. Clicking OK when prompted will allow you to select a Open folder to view files option which will open your flash drive's window. Double-click your flash drive's name. It's under the "Devices and drives" section in the middle of the window. If your flash drive opened when you plugged it into your PC, skip this step.

    Right-click Pictures. This folder is in the far-left pane of the My PC window. If your flash drive's window opened when you plugged it into your PC, left-click Pictures. Click Open in new window. Doing so will open a second window to display your computer's "Pictures" folder, which is your computer's default picture storage area. You can hold down Ctrl while clicking photos to select multiple photos, or you can click and drag your cursor across as many photos as you wish to copy. Right-click the flash drive icon in My PC. It's the icon below the "Devices and drives" heading.

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    Click Eject. Once you have photos transferred to a flash drive, how do you delete them from your computer without deleting them from the drive? Once the photos are on your flash drive, no action you take on your computer exclusive of the flash drive will affect the files on the drive. For example, you could upload a photo named "mydog1" to your flash drive, and after it finished copying, you could delete the same photo from your computer without the photo disappearing from your drive. Yes No.

    Not Helpful 0 Helpful You can either upload the photos to a cloud storage service e. Your default sorting options for a flash drive may be different than your computer's sort options. To fix this, figure out how your photos are arranged on your computer e. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 8. As long as there's room left on the flash drive stick, you can return to add or remove photos as you please unlike a CD-R. Not Helpful 1 Helpful In Windows on the bottom right of the desktop view, there is a row of icons called the System Tray. It includes icons such as that for volume, battery, and internet connection.

    On the far left of this tray, there is an upward pointing arrow. Click it and find an icon that looks like a flash drive. Click this icon and you will be given options for safely removing storage devices.

    Part 2: How to Convert RAW Photos to JPEG on Mac with Preview

    Not Helpful 3 Helpful My pictures will not transfer when I use the drag and drop method. What do I do? Not Helpful 0 Helpful 5.