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Depends on line of work, most engineering and software firm uses windows for anything that doesn't require Linux, but Mac is more common place in art and cinema industries. Windows is universally the business OS of choice. Windows is the industry standard. Mac is an outlier. Linux is something you might use on VM because some wonky old obsolete peace of equipment runs it. Not as much as you might think. The days of Macs being superior rendering machines is long gone.

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The hardware isn't actually better for the task anymore and the library is much larger for Windows. I need to try the new version of Wine against the current client to see if I can go back to all Linux.

As for the OS, I like to know when the system is going to reboot. And I expect a system to boot to a working condition. Windows breaks both of those. The random reboots because Redmond said so are a problem as I run simulations on my system when I am not gaming on it.

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I have had it decide to stop sending packets in the middle of a battle. Very annoying. The school district I work for has 14, Windows 10 Pro workstations and none of them reboot randomly. They're all scheduled through group policy. My only gripe with Windows 10 from a professional standpoint is the lack of ability to get rid of Metro Apps on a machine basis they're user-based without buying the Enterprise or Education version of the OS.

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Of course, like everything else, there are ways around that. I've done the same thing a couple of times, hence my making this post. I eventually want to make a guide of sorts explaining why a bootcamp partition is better if you're on a Mac. It's funny, among the students, Macs are way more popular, but within the university faculty, staff, etc windows is huge.

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There isn't. There isn't a Wows for MacOS, either. It's interesting that most Mac players don't know this. Windows dominates all office environments. The Mac Pro has been largely irrelevant since the introduction of the trashcan version. Virtual solutions still don't do 3d very well, or at least they didn't last I checked, which admittedly was several years ago.

Установка World of Tanks‎ на MAC / How to install World of Tanks on MAC

Even Directx9 games were unplayable. You can play many modern games through Wine, but it can be tricky, and updates can break compatibility. Windows 10 is actually pretty stable, and the underlying OS is quite good.

Troubleshooting World of Tanks on macOS

The UI, however, is a idiotic cludge of inconsistencies. It wouldn't be as bad if they left a message that my system has rebooted, but the usual way I detect the reboot is the loss of connectivity due to the other issue requiring manual handholding to get the OS to actually use the NIC. There was a time when Macintosh's were quite popular in the office business. Guess those days are over with apple aimed more towards a younger demographic like me.

Mac Client vs Mac Wrapper. Not sure why that was difficult. I also don't really care, it's just notable in posts that whine about the Mac "client" being buggier than the windows version, which means they probably don't know. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

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