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Numerous reboots, all with the same result. Correction — Mountain Lion Stephen, I am having exactly the same problem.. Not works when Startup disk is encrypted! No way to unlock the Startdisk and repair informs that repair is needed but not possible because disk is read-only… Any advice welcome.

Lion is a bit more secure as good…. Name required.

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Mac OSX Lion How to do a Clean Install

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Restart or start up your Mac and immediately hold down the Option key; keep holding Option until the Startup Manager—a gray screen showing all connected, bootable volumes—appears. One of the volumes will be called Recovery HD. Recovery mode offers a number of useful troubleshooting options. When booted into recovery mode, the tasks you can perform are limited. Note that to use this feature, your Time Machine backup must be a complete backup that includes all system files. Before proceeding, read the important information on the Restore Your System screen that appears when you choose this option.

You can restore from a Time Machine backup from within recovery mode. On the next screen, you select your Time Machine drive, then the particular backup snapshot you want to restore from, then the destination drive. When I tested the feature, the estimated download time was nearly five and a half hours, although the actual download time was closer to 40 minutes over my cable-modem connection.

Hands on with Lion Recovery

You can also check and send email if your email account provides Web access. Disk Utility: Repair or erase a disk using Disk Utility. Selecting this option and clicking Continue launches Disk Utility, which you can use to check, repair, erase, or partition connected drives. This mounts the Recovery HD partition in the Finder.

There are times when your Mac may misbehave and refuse to boot into OS X.

Inside should be a single folder, named com. However, you aren't seeing everything—some of the folder's contents are invisible. This will display the full list of the folder's contents:. Of particular interest is BaseSystem. You can then unmount the Recovery HD volume by typing diskutil unmount [identifier] , where [identifier] is the same identifier you used above.

Here's our guide to installing Lion, from the best way to get your Mac ready, to undertaking the Apple bills Lion as the easiest-to-install version of OS X yet, and that may be true. But there are If your Mac was released after Lion, it's not quite as easy to make a bootable Lion install disc or Some Mac users prefer to do a "clean install" of each major new version of OS X, erasing their One of the most significant new features of Lion is that it lets you boot your Lion-equipped Mac Apple has released a simple utility for creating a bootable Lion Recovery volume from any external Get the Apple Watch Series 3 at Walmart for the lowest prices ever.