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I've yet to try these but I love the brush, it looks like it would add so much volume! I'd love to try any of these mascaras! The packaging is so cute!

I have the regular one, It works ok for me. I find that if i use the whole top instead of just the "pink wand" it is very very clumpy! When i do use this i just use the pink Great post!! Seems strange that they'd make a product so so similar! Sant Ritz's charming address offers a world of opportunities for your little ones in the future. Thank you for commenting! If you have any questions tweet me judyveggies Please refrain from self promotion, spam or follow for follow comments, thank you! I personally never really been a big fan of Mac mascaras because I don't find them as good and the brushes are always disappointing.

With this new version, I'm not so convinced. The formula is silky soft and it contains ingredients that prevent dryness. I am NOT affiliated with any of these companies.

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Feel free to comment, request and subscribe. Huge hugs! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Aenean commodo ligula eget dolor Aenean massa. Wow this is really cool! The vintage Maybelline one, is the one I have seen before in my Grandma's closet. Couple things I am wondering. What is a sealer and which one would be good? How long does a cake mascara last? The link to the site for Kryolan doesn't work, it doesn't look like they carry it anymore, but they have "La Femme.

How do the refills for Longcils work? I have only seen that product on Amazon and haven't seen anything about refills yet I love the fact that this is making a comeback. To be honest I could never figure out the purpose of a eyelash comb and I have more than one person tell me that solid mascara does not exist and I must have been imagining things. I was a little kid when I found it at my grandmas house.

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This blog is a place where I want to share all the things I love to you! Cake Mascara PM. Maybelline's cake mascara includes an instruction paper along with a toothbrush-like application brush. As you can see above the left eye picture has my bare lashes and the right one has one coat of cake mascara.

You can choose from navy and midnight blue hues if you want to bring out your green or blue eye color, go for a cobalt blue mascara if you have brown eyes or try a teal turquoise mascara with a touch of green in it to flatter your hazel eyes. Please be sure to check out the color pay off on each mascara and order your favorite picks online.

Green mascara is available in enough shades to work well for a daytime look or a night out. I recommended m oss green for blue eyes and a brighter emerald shade for brown eyes. Green colored mascara is the best option for hazel eyes, as this shade will bring out flecks of green and yellow in your eyes. You can view product pictures and reviews from other users on your favorite mascara, as well as order a green mascara online.

The easiest way to give the colored mascara trend a try is by using a purple mascara, as darker shades of plum, berry or burgundy offer the intensity of black mascara with an extra oomph. Purple mascaras are most popular, since they look equally great on green, blue, brown or hazel eyes. Purple mascara is a very popular choice and one that works well both for daytime and nighttime use. Order yours online from here.

Flattering especially to green eyes, pink mascara is a cool and unique way to make the most natural makeup stand out. Pink mascara is a cute and fun way to make a statement with your makeup. Although silver, bronze and gold mascaras may seem outrageous, these babies have made a comeback as accents especially during the winter holiday season.

Pair the look with metallic eye shadow and apply it only to the tips of the lashes and you can pull of the look all year round, for parties and clubs. Even though these shades are a universally compatible option for any eye color, bronze, gold and silver mascaras make blue eyes really stand out. Although a more glamorous choice, the metallic eyelash trend has grown substantially over the past year.

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If you would like to see the product picture and read official reviews, you can access this page and order a metallic mascara online. Colored mascaras show really well if you have lighter hair, as the color payoff is more true to tone. This will, in turn, provide a bold look, so you can pair your statement lashes with minimal eye makeup.

Use a zig-zag motion to coat your lashes from base to tip with your mascara applicator and place some product on a small fan brush to coat the base of the lashes better. Wait for the primer to dry first, comb the lashes and then use your favorite colored mascara.

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As opposed to other DIY makeup recipes out there, that involve baking, melting oils and weird ingredients, achieving your own, signature blue mascara, or any color for that matter, is incredibly simple. All you need is a pure pigment eye shadow in the color of your choice and a clear mascara like Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Clear. You can get this at just about any drugstore like Target or Walgreens and use any intense pigments from your brand of choice.

Simply place a small amount of pigment on a makeup mixing palette or an ordinary foil and dip the mascara wand saturated in clear gel, mixing to spread the pigment evenly and achieve a colored paste.