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Dreaming of an ad-free web? Browse with Brave. Learn more. The developer of iStat Menus says "we love easy to use, impeccably crafted little View full description. Softonic review iStat Menus is a tasteful and discreet resource monitor that sits quietly in your Menu bar and monitors all of your Mac's most important components in real time. Added dark dropdown theme.

Added white menubar theme for those with a dark Mac menubar.

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Added more customisation options in Disks extra. Moved disk activity into main drop down in Disks extra. Fixed some installation issues. The question is, how do you do this?

iStat pro for Mac - Download

The answer is something like iStat pro which is a comprehensive performance monitoring widget for Mac that consists of 9 separate components which can be minimized, expanded or closed. In addition to all this, there's a built in update checker which checks for new versions of each component.

One of the best things about iStat Pro is it's flexibility. You can drag around and re-shape components as you like and there's also 9 different skins to choose from. You can also be selective in what it monitors - so if yo don't want it to monitor external disks or network interfaces, you can just deactivate them at the flip of a button. Probably the only drawback of iStat Pro is the speed at which it loads onto the dashboard which can be rather sluggish.

Instant access to your Mac's performance has never been easier with iStat Pro - a great widget that every vigilant Mac owner should own. Added support for monitoring Magic Mouse battery level. Improved support for networking on recent Mac models Changes Added support for monitoring Magic Mouse battery level.

Improved support for networking on recent Mac models Advertisement. More About iStat Menus. The goal of iStat Menus is to create customizable notifications, menu bars, and monitors to suit each individual Mac user's unique needs. It's also gone through multiple upgrades, each upgrade improving upon the previous version and adding multiple new features. Right now, iStat Menus is on version 6. You can choose your notifications based on GPU, CPU, disks, memory, network connections, battery life, sensors, general power, and weather updates. You can receive notifications on things like a change in public IP, a spike in CPU usage, a lack of internet connection, or a near-infinite combination of other customizable data.

You can also pull up a detailed weekly weather overview and hourly forecast.

How Does iStat Menus Work?

Version 6 also boasts more color and theme options than ever before. There are unique ways to style the menu bar icons, menu drop down lists, and generated graphs.

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Information including CPU usage, top memory processes, memory storage, load averages, and disk space will all be stored one click away. The software offers detailed CPU info including statistics about the current usage. It also creates history graphs, records load averages, and creates a list of apps that use up a large percentage of CPU. In addition, the active GPU processor usage can be added to the menu bar.

You can run basic analytics with this information if you need to make your Mac run more efficiently. Pros of iStat Menus. A nearly infinite number of customization combinations. Unique layouts and colors to suit your style. Ability to set notifications for your specific needs. Ability to delegate important statistics to the Notification Center.

Monitor your Mac's performance in real time

Real-time monitoring of nearly every aspect of your Mac. Cons of iStat Menus. Stat Menus has a notification widget which allows you to tuck your tracked stats in the Notification Center. Stat Menus has a memory feature that keeps track of a huge variety of things including history, memory pressure, usage, compressed memory, and swaps. The program is optimized for Macs; it cannot run on Windows or other operating systems. The displayed information is too technical for a beginner. Features of iStat Menus.

Customizable color and theme options. Notification Center widget puts important stats just one click or swipe away.