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Users of Office , office , Office , and Office can open documents that are created without additional steps. Users of earlier versions of Office may need to download and install the compatibility pack. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Thursday, August 15, Intuitive data connect and form capabilities With an integrated power request, use Excel as your analysis workspace by linking to and viewing all the data around you. Use a wide range of data sources, including tables from websites, enterprise data such as SAP business objects, unstructured sources such as Hadoop, and services such as Salesforce. By collecting all the data in one place, quickly generate and combine them according to your unique business needs and start analysing in seconds Simple data modelling and authoritative analysis With the advanced features of Power Pivot in Excel, you can quickly match different datasets with drag and drop to create data models for a complete picture of your business.

Take advantage of automatic analysis, automatic time grouping, and other features that improve PivotTable and PivotChart analysis. Now with the ability to calculate s of millions of rows of data, perform more in-depth analysis with high speed. New Charts New modern charts and graphs, including TreeMap, Sunburst, waterfall, box and moustache and histograms and Pareto in Excel will help you present your data in a new way. The new apps offer full retina display support with thousands of retina-optimized graphics, full screen view for native immersive experiences, and even little Mac affordances like scroll bounce.

The new Office for Mac includes updated versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outlook-and the moment you open any one of the apps, you'll immediately feel the difference. Jumpstart your work with one of the thousands of professionally designed Online templates. Document text and graphics look sharper than ever on the Retina display on your Mac, and presentations look absolutely stunning. Navigate your documents, spreadsheets, and presentations intuitively with familiar Multi-Touch gestures.

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The redesigned Ribbon menu intuitively organizes features so you can quickly find what you need. Access your files on Mac and other devices by signing in with your Office identity. It's pretty good. It used to have many issues in the beginning, but now it works stable enough. It's price is a bit too much for me. I had to search around and found it cheaper on dangiftshop com. Worked great for me.

As I stated in my summary I don't want information or my use of a program reliant on a web connection. Fonts change and not clear. Formulas don't work properly, Numbers disappear while using formulas.

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Not stable. Where to start is the biggest question.

Microsoft Office for Mac - Download Free ( Latest Version)

First the Outlook is totally useless. I prefer Outlook to Mail because it does more and it is easier to switch to calendar etc than having to open different programs. Second while the other programs are not as bad they are unstable. I have to force quit and start over and over and over. Third, I usually install a new Office and keep the old Office just in case something like this happened. MS said that was fine, well they lied.

I had to reinstall my entire system because it seems that disabled Really bad and will definitely wait for the next version of Office for the Mac. Have been using pre-release which worked fairly well; Final Outlook crashes constantly; uninstalled, re-installed multiple times. Finally removed it and re-installed pre-release which works. I don't understand how the pre-release version works and the final version can't remain open for more than 2 minutes without crashing.

Also, Excel does not allow for any customization. I am still using Office for Excel. Hopefully, Microsoft will figure it all out soon. Hard to find anything positive in an annual subscription and a Non-working Outlook. Haven't had that many big issues with most of the programs, but the one I wanted most, Outlook.

Can't leave it open because it quits responding over and over, all day long. I really prefer Outlook over Mail as it's mo robust, however, I will be reinstalling until I read at least positive reviews from Mac owners. Really depressing to look forward to a new release of Outlook and be so disappointed in the product. I don't understand why the couldn't take the version and add some nice features without destroying the program. Force quit, force quit, force quit, force quit, I'm tired! Honestly I have not found a pro yet including the interface. Much preferred over this. I've been using the beta version for a couple of months and sent in dozens and dozens of bugs Outlook freezes and stalls consistently having to force quit or it just quits on its own.

Many features too many to list are no longer available in the new Outlook. It is slower to respond and cumbersome. I cannot get it to look and feel the way I want. It is very buggy still with strange panes opening at the bottom of the inbox.

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Messages marked read still show unread. At least with Outlook I much preferred and wished I was still using Office but I started using beta a couple of months ago and cannot switch back for several reasons. I no longer know where the data is kept now as I did before.

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