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Download File Size: 5. Download File Size: 4. Back to the Main Page of Pure Mac. Allgood Solitaire 5.

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There are so many different variations of the game, there is always something for everyone. Allgood Solitaire offers different variations, from the familiar Klondike, to more obscure games like Will O the Wisp. You'll be able to learn new games quickly by displaying the characteristics of each pile, the pile type and what card s are necessary to build on it.

Unlimited Undo and Redo are offered, as well as full screen mode, and much much more.

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Over 2 billion random deals Specific types of random deals Bridge Match vs. Twenty-two uniquely different variations of Solitaire not seen in many other games keep even the most seasoned guru occupied. Statistics for each game let you know how many hours you have played, games you have won and your highest score for that game.

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The game has an option of a classic background, your own wallpaper, or a gorgeous moving video of the ocean under the Moon. Easy deals Ideal to take up bridge or have fun, it is the perfect game mode to practise without any constraints. Card play practice The software makes bids on your behalf for the contract you want to play.

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  5. On the plane, the train, the underground You can play anywhere without an Internet connection. Ideal features to progress Corrections to your bidding GOTO Bridge 19 suggests corrections to your bidding and explains why. Corrections to your card play The app tells you which card you should play to take as many tricks as possible on the deal. Tips given by the computer Ask the computer for advice and it will tell you what it would play if it were in your shoes.

    Reverse, forward and replay buttons Navigate through the deal as you want and replay tricks. Thanks to its numerous game modes and features, it allows players of all ages and levels to have endless fun.

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    You are a beginner? GOTO Bridge lessons and exercises are made for you! Written by bridge professionals, they will help you learn the basics of bridge in all game areas bidding and card play. Then you will be able to apply what you have learned with exercises.

    The bridge game mac

    You want to take up bridge? Evaluate your level, strengths and weaknesses thanks to the various practice exercises offered by GOTO Bridge.

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    Select the game area of your choice bidding or card play, attack or defence and make progress thanks to the corrections suggested by the software. You are an experienced player? At the end of each deal, you will be compared to them on the same deals and in the same conditions. You are a bridge teacher?