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LegendEntries i. Any suggestions? Am I understanding some subtle aspect? Or having an IDT issue? Jon, I am trying to get rid of 3D lighting effects in contour plot, so your tip is very valuable. Unfortunately, I cannot find Format Band dialogue where you recommend to set the option. How do i get there? Click once on the legend, then click once on the label of the band you want to format. I just tried writing a little macro to do all of the bands in the chart, but the command that the macro recorder recorded produced errors when it was executed. Hi Jon, Thanks for clarification.

Yes, indeed that works but it is pretty cumbersome to adjust every single band in the plot. Activate ActiveChart. ChartGroups 1. Thanks Yourii, I knew there was a way.

How to create pie of pie or bar of pie chart in Excel?

I am trying to change the values on a contour plot using Excel I am graphing a problem in electromagnetism, and I want to instruct Excel to allow me to change the scaling it displays. Right now, it displays the values from 0 to in increments of 50; I would like Excel to display the values from 0 to in increments of Select the chart, then click on the Chart Tools — Layout ribbon tab. Select the Vertical Axis in the current selection dropdown at the top left of this ribbon.

Is it possible to build a surface graph mapping 2 or more different surfaces on the same chart?

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Hi Jon, Have a contour plot set up, and would like to show irregular increments. Is there a way to do this? Great explanation.

How to create a simple line graph in Excel for Mac 2011

It all worked fine. BUT I have square crosshatching over part of all of one band and part of another. It is not gridlines, as I have changed them to red and they are not this cross hatching. It is not patternd fill as I have put red paterned fill in and it is not it. This cross hatching corresponds to the axis tick marks, but adding and removing tick marks only changes bits across the axis. Clicking on a hatch line selects the chart area.

Hi, great blog. Do I need to insert rows and columns and interpolate the data? Much appreciated!! It is not clear where To change the scale of the bands, format the legend. The example that you give cannot be found by me In every village, when asking for directions it is straight on and very near. That you have to go around the church, cross the canal in a boat and walk for three miles is no longer clear to the villagers. I am afraid that many of you suffer from the same syndrom. You need to read more closely. In Excel and earlier, to change the scale, format the legend, as stated in the article.

I need to adjust the vertical value axis to refer to cell dynamic …i. There was a question about the spacing of the grids in the contour plots. I was trying to reverse engineer this and made an interesting discovery.

Create a chart in Excel for Mac - Excel for Mac

It goes like this:. So it takes the available plotarea height and width removing the space required for axis labels etc and sees which one is the constraining one in terms of the grid of points to be plotted. Lets say it is the height. This will be the width of the horizontal cells. They did a similar rescaling of the width. The long and short of it is this. The data is irrelevant, but the charts are shown below. The first chart has square grids, but in each successive chart the grid cells are progressively taller than they are wide.

I last worked with contour charts extensively in Excel I have to think those charts had square grids, or I would remember from my earlier work. The results:. I just did the extreme examples. You can see, though, that in Excel , the aspect ratio of the cells matched the ideal within a couple percent. The grid is obviously square. Wow some work done over night. Unfortunately I read the version reply first — interesting. I am using so it seems the engine must have changed on both platforms about that time. I just checked with an Excel Mac and indeed I get square grids on that version.

The reason for the exercise was to try and create an overlay of an XY plot on a contour plot. But could one automate?

Thank you for your feedback!

Pretty messy I decided. I was starting to think it was an optical illusion. I painstakingly mapped colors from a thermal plot I liked, using RGB and transparency, then with further pain adjusted the color of every band I had 7. It was not right. You should have seen me. I was holding my hands up to my screen to mask out little squares to see if the color looked right in isolation. As I noted, I thought it was in my head. Thanks again. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

Notify me of new posts by email. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Excel Contour and Surface Charts Select the data and insert a contour chart, and you will get something like this. Scale That scale is a bit coarse, and symmetrical features like the saddle point and the shapes of the colored bands in the corners are not symmetrically rendered. Here is the contour chart with a finer scale and more shades of blue and red.

Orientation You can adjust the orientation of the surface chart using the 3-D View dialog, available by right-clicking on the chart. We mostly prefer the pictorial or graphical representation of data rather than data being present in table form. The visual representation of data helps us in easy understanding of the change in trends and the difference in various factors or parameters.

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In simple words, just by looking at the graph we can easily distinguish between the various variables. A football field graph is a graph showing the valuation of a company based on different methodologies.

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What basically is happening is that these are some of the methodologies for the valuation of the company. None of the methods are perfectly right or wrong as they provide suggestive valuation of the company. Once different methodologies have been used, it is important to evaluate the valuation ranges derived from these methodologies. After that, the company uses this information to carve its valuation range.

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The result is summarised graphically by using the football field graph. Above I have shown the share prices valuation base on different parameters for different years. This table has been represented graphically via football field graph. The graph clearly indicates the maximum and minimum range of the shares.

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  7. Graphical data not only makes us easy to understand but also it is compact and more presentable. The data I have shown here is very small, but in real life we have large amount of data. It becomes quite easy for us if we present it graphically. In the end all I would say that try to make things simpler instead of complicating them. Remember, visual representation has more effect on our senses. Just drop in your details and our corporate support team will reach out to you as soon as possible.