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I see it almost every night. I broke down and used TestingCheats to force it into my household but it wouldn't give me regular pet actions, I couldn't put a saddle on it or brush it. I am just getting really discouraged. I don't mean to complain. PolarBabe Posts: New Member. I am having the exact same problem! No matter how many pets my sims are BFFs with, I can't get the unicorn to join any of their households! I've had sims with animal lover trait, and equestrian trait. One of them was constantly watching animals and had befriended several wild horses. One person was saying to watch deer and racoons, but deer are hard to find and can teleport away if they wish.

I'm not exaggerating.

They must be ninja deer or something. I have yet to see one raccoon. I tried cheating to get the unicorn once and like you say, it glitches things. I can't alter its appearance at all. EA needs to fix this big time. I hope they patch it soon, I am getting very frustrated. This expansion pack is really lacking without being able to adopt a unicorn. JustKeepSimming Posts: 3, Member. As far as I knew, you needed max wildlife skill and to be bffs with three pets.

Kinda makes sense, as you would seem to be a friend of all creatures then. JustKeepSimming wrote:. You need to BFF three pets inside your household.

How to adopt a pet in sims 3

Then it will join you. As usual, your household has to have room for at least one pet before this will work. For this to succeed, your Sim must have Best Friend relationship or higher with a number of pets, or a maximum Wildlife Friend hidden skill. The unicorn will reject the interaction if the Sim has negative relationship with any owned pet. Yolkygiraffe Posts: 25 New Member. January edited January I had a horse and a dog stray, but now adopted that my sims was BFFs with.

I did what you told me to do I had riding level eight and I adopted a cat. Once she caught a womrat, I put it in a cage. Almost immediatly, I looked in map view and saw a rainbow. A white named Drifter I took my sim to the unicorn--Instant acceptance!

The Sims 3: Pets for PC Reviews - Metacritic

You dont have to have a wild life skill whatever that is or any skill. I just think you need level 8 of riding so you can adopt wild horses. It makes sense. Plus, I bred the unicorn with my mare and now I have a baby unicorn :- Trust me, this works. All you need to do is have a cat. Then make your cat catch a minor pet. I guess any?

Sims 3 Pets - How to get a unicorn? - Cheat Works!

If you have any problems, just message me. Right now I'm waiting for the Black Unicorn to appear.. The one where the wild horses like to hang around. I call it the Fountian of Youth since its so Blood0rchid Posts: Unicorn would not accept. After adopting a cat.. This was confirmed this past Monday. Dzizi Posts: There seem to be many factors involved, so far in my game I had 3 pets 2 dogs, 1 cat that are all best friend's with my sim, and when the unicorn first appeared I actually didn't raise these animals friendships to see the unicorn, I just love 'em I decided to go for it, my Sim's an animal lover so it was rather easy to become friends with the unicorn, it took 6 nights total.

Then the option to be part of my household showed up, I asked and was rejected several times. I continue "chasing the unicorn" and asking until he became my best friend and it was at this point that he accepted to join my household. I took around 12 nights in total, keep in mind, during this time my sim would sleep almost all day just so she could be fully awake and start petting from 8 pm to 5 am.

The Sims 3 Pets for PC/Mac

It can do all kind of cool things. It can curse and bless sims and pets. It can also do it to other unicorns. If you mate it with a normal horse, you get a hybrid of a unicorn and a normal horse. Unicorns basicly are horses with special abilities and horns. It can also start fires.

Have fun with your unicorn! Top Dog Platinum Unlock all other trophies.

Good Fluffy! Bronze Praise or scold a pet enough times to add a trait. Play Dead! Have You Seen This Pet? Bronze Find your lost pet. Where'd You Get That!? Do Not Want! Bronze Successfully bathe your cat.

The Most Common Bugs

Sunken Treasure Bronze Find a special plant while fishing. Overqualified Bronze Go to work with 4 career performance requirements at Outstanding. Cat-astrophe Silver Complete each of the Cat-astrophe scenario Challenges. K9 Cop Silver Complete each of the k9 cop scenario Challenges. Mass Hysteria Bronze Have a dog and a cat become best friends. Is This Bronze Make a Sim transmogrified from a cat and a Sim transmogrified from a dog become a couple.

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Maid-out Bronze Make out with the maid. Employee Benefits Bronze Become a romantic interest of your boss. Flirting with Disaster Bronze Escape a karmic backlash by quickly balancing the meter after dropping below Bronze With a pet, steal a Sim's clothes who is skinny dipping. Dogzilla vs. Don't Fear the Reaper Bronze Scare the reaper. What Ghosts? Bronze Catch every ghost spawned by the Ghost Invasion karma power before it ends. Bronze Complete each of the mystery chapters.

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  8. The Missing Link Bronze Discover the lost pirate ship anchor. Zombie Bears, Oh My! Bronze Avoid the zombie bears to find the pirate ship's log. Great Scott!