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The screenshot will then be performed at this moment. If you wish to cancel the screengrab during the process, simply press the Esc button. Once again, your mouse will transform into a crosshair cursor. Now by pressing the space bar the cursor will become a camera symbol. Simply click on the window that you wish to make a screenshot of. This process can also be cancelled at any time by pressing the Esc button.

Menu: Even a menu can be saved separately as a screenshot on a Mac. Using the cursor, click on the menu and create your screenshot.

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However, this will not save the title of the menu. This can only be done if, prior to clicking your mouse, you transform the pointer into a crosshair cursor by pressing the spacebar. Now when you click into a menu, the title will also be a part of the screenshot. Like with the other processes, you can cancel this process by pressing the Esc button.

It is also possible to make a screenshot of this display. A requirement for this is that you have the update macOS Sierra It is also possible to install a button in the Touch Bar specifically for the creation of MacBook screenshots. With just a few key combinations you can select the section of the screen that is important to you. This screenshot tool also features a very useful timer function.

To produce a screenshot of course only with material with which you are making no copyright infringement , there are two roundabout ways of doing this: Use an alternative playback program : Mac will not prevent you from making screenshots if you use a different software for playing films and videos. Use a different screenshot program: The limitation outlined above applies only if you wish to produce and edit screenshots directly with macOS or OS X software.

There are also third-party providers that offer free software for making screenshots on a Mac. Related products Cloud Servers. View packages.

Popular Articles Create a blog This guide shows you how to start blogging with success in a few simple steps Advertise with us. Submit an Apple-related tip or fix. Tell a friend to "Go MacYourself. Software Tips. Go to the exact frame you want to capture and then pause playback. Press the spacebar and hover over the DVD Player window.

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T February 18th, , PM. Jynto February 26th, , PM. Kevin March 24th, , AM. Liz Devlin March 30th, , AM. Hans April 27th, , AM. Use VLC, then capture the screen the normal way. Works for me in Lion. Thomas September 10th, , PM. Barbara Storey September 22nd, , PM. Anne November 8th, , PM. KS February 24th, , PM. Lisa March 20th, , AM. Kirk Lawson January 12th, , PM. Pick any scene you want and DVD Snap 3 either snaps a single photo or series of timed snaps in an interval of your choice.

Making Screen Capture Images with a Mac

All your captured photos are automatically taken to DVD Snap's photo library where you can share or export them to a destination folder of your choice in various formats. Everyone has different tasks to accomplish, whether you need a still image or entire photo series, DVD Snap has the right method for your case. Think of a particular moment in your favorite movie, jump to the scene and hit snap.

That's it - a short time later, your photo is saved to DVD Snap's photo library. Let's say you're working on collages, mashups or studies and you are not sure which scenes are going to work best with the project. Just select "Timed Snap" from the toolbar and hit the snap button. DVD Snap is going to automatically snap a photo in your defined time interval while the movie keeps playing.

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