Macbook pro retina vs mac pro benchmark

But we can still compare the basic specs for both base configurations and high-end models and make an educated guess about pricing and performance. The most obvious place to start making comparisons is with the base models of each system, the stock configurations that sell for the lowest price.

Mac Pro vs. iMac Pro: Which Mac Desktop Is for You?

In the case of the new Mac Pro and the iMac Pro , these starting options are quite similar. While it will be months before anyone has the chance to actually compare the performance offered by both systems, it's reasonable to think that these basic models will offer similar overall capabilities. But there are some substantial differences, as well. One of the big ones is that the iMac Pro, with its all-in-one design, has a built-in high-end display. Aside from the display, the Mac Pro is more upgradeable, regardless of the configuration you buy. This can be done, but the practice is not officially endorsed by Apple.

The Mac Pro's expandability offers huge long-term value to professionals, because they can update the hardware in the future, keeping pace with changes in technology and heavier workflows without jettisoning the entire system. The top configurations of the Mac workstations are an entirely different matter. Without the physical constraints of the iMac's slim housing, the Mac Pro has room to expand and grow well beyond what the iMac Pro can offer, and these differences are most stark when comparing the top configurations.

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Aside from the fact that both systems can be outfitted with up to 4TB of solid state storage, the two top-of-the-line systems are almost nothing alike. Whereas the iMac Pro can be outfitted with an core processor, the Mac Pro can scale up to a jaw-dropping 28 cores. While that's not unprecedented in the realm of workstation PCs — HP's got workstations with even larger RAM options — it's miles beyond anything else in the Mac family.

MacBook Pro (Retina) Benchmarks

In graphics processing, the other major piece of any workstation, there's a huge difference between the two systems. But even a more powerful GPU can't compete with multiple cards working in tandem. The two GPUs are connected by some specialized circuitry that Apple is calling Infinity Fabric Link, and it sounds as if this two-cards-in-one approach allows the machine to transfer data between the GPUs much, much faster.

For higher-end configurations, it's not even close. You can outfit the expandable Mac Pro with a huge array of powerful components, going far beyond what the top configuration of the iMac Pro can provide. The only question mark is price. It's highly likely that the top Mac Pro configuration we've outlined here will cost tens of thousands more.

The other half of the Mac Pro equation is the display.

Is the MacBook Air or the MacBook Pro the best Mac for you? We break it down

The Pro Display XDR is bigger, at 32 inches, with 6K x resolution and a powerful backlight with tightly focused local dimming. That backlight supports high-dynamic range HDR at brightness levels better than most premium TVs can offer, with a peak brightness of 1, nits. That's a dramatic improvement over the nits of the Retina 5K display on the iMac Pro. AirPods Guide If you're new to AirPods, considering buying a pair, or just want to pick up some new tips.

Best Camera Apps iPhone If you're looking to take your iPhone photography up a notch, make sure to check these out. See More Guides. Mac Pro Fall Apple Arcade Fall See Full Product Calendar. Google Assistant is about to gain a new reminder feature that allows you to get someone else to do your bidding.

Called Assignable Reminders, the feature lets you set reminders for other Apple's WebKit team has published a "WebKit Tracking Prevention Policy" that details a range of anti-tracking measures it has developed and the types of tracking practices it believes are Huawei has again delayed the release of its Mate X folding smartphone, which is now unlikely to come out before November.

Speaking to TechRadar at a press event in China, the company said Apple has refreshed several of its Macs in , including the MacBook Air, the MacBook Pro, and the iMac, so we thought it would be a good time to round up some useful Mac accessories. In our Note: MacRumors is an affiliate partner with Amazon. When you Twitter this afternoon unveiled several new features that are in the works for the social network, sharing the news at an event for press that was attended by The Verge. Twitter will soon allow OWC today announced the launch of an updated version of its compact, square-shaped Travel Dock, adding new capabilities and design changes.

The new version of the dock features built-in cable There are a lot of hubs out there on the market, but Advertise on MacRumors. Our Staff Arnold Kim.

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